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Welcome to Laguna!


I left Quezon City officially last December 12. I packed all my stuff from my eight year tryst with the pink house at Salvador St. in Krus na Ligas. I felt a little sad, because that place was so convenient. Like the sun to our solar system, it was the center of my universe.

A morning after that day, I became a regular traveler between Laguna and Cavite.

My new, temporary address is in Binan, Laguna. I recently picked a studio type apartment which costs P2,500 per month but still has no water and electricity because the structure’s newly built. It’s a few kilometers or roughly 10 minutes away from my new workplace (in Sta. Rosa) which is constructed inside a mall.

I commute from Cavite to Laguna and spend a total of 4 hours travel almost everyday. If it weren’t for the current maintenance going on at the South Expressway, I can save an hour for rest. And since my apartment is not ready yet, I spend some nights at my friend’s place which is only five minutes away from work (and i get to use her expensive toiletries as well nyaha!)

I’m currently in training and can’t wait for my new role. I am a little nervous and not so confident about my own skills, but I’m very sure that I’ll get there in no time 🙂

Right now, all I’m doing is enjoying the benefits of night time sleep. Its true, a 12-hour daytime sleep cannot beat a 5-hour night time snooze.


Spot the Difference

Let’s go to McDonald’s and let’s spot the difference!

My friend and I went to a McDonald’s branch in Manila and ordered the same Value Meal plus one more item on top of it. We purchased the same items and sizes but they were differently priced. The receipts tell it all, though I cannot decipher them.

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